Ellie, the niece turned side table. Ellie, like her figurative counterpart, is posh and confident, but only to the point of being humble. A preppy dresser, but not without the light intrigue of frilled asymmetry. If Ellie were to find herself at a party, people would look twice, maybe even a third. She isn’t regular, but she isn’t irregular; a mystery to the eye.

Ellie Side Table
South Australian Limestone
370mm D x 410mm W x 550mm H

Fine print you should probably read:
Please note this price does not include packaging or freight.
Please email us for a shipping quote, installation is available upon request.
Lead times for Ellie are roughly 8-10 weeks, and subject to change.
All dimensions are approximate. Carved entirely by hand in our workshop, each object made at denHolm is characterised by the nature of the stone as well as the subtle style of the individual sculptor.