Good Fortune 4ever

Good Fortune.
How do we define this? It feels undeniably subjective.
George identifies as lucky when he discovers his half eaten banana bread untouched in the fridge.
Drew defines success by the number of times he can play Janet Jackson’s “All Nite” in a day.
A fluke to Brandon is arriving to find he isn't painting a wall white that day.
While prosperity for Steven John Clark is on wheels, rolling, moving.

Good luck is not a product, it cannot be sold.

However since we’re writing the rules.

It can be found, discounted and delivered in 10-14 working days.

To all those who cannot afford a full priced Duke, this is your lucky day. 

Find the code and get a $600 Duke, go see Balboa for some stone cold wisdom.

There is only 4 available, so best know.