50 things you can put in your Balboa

In an effort to avoid ambiguity.

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Here is the hint  'G _ o _ _e_t _ _ r.'

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We were gonna talk to Balboa, let her relish in her 15 minutes but she’s too busy. After being in hair and make up for what feels like weeks.

She's going out. We dealt with this rejection as many do, by compiling a list.

Here is a list of 50 things you can put inside of your BALBOA: 

1. Any hesitation you had on buying this vase.

2. Easter Chocolate you say you won’t eat.

3. Flowers (fresh).

4. The wrappers of the Easter chocolate you said you would not eat.

5. Inferior vases you no longer want.

6. Pocket lint

7. The memory of the first time you went in the ocean after seeing Jaws

8. KWP aka the holy trinity (keys, wallet, phone).

9. Pens, pencils, pacers, erasers.

10. The words we used before we said “vibe”. 

11. Water imported from Switzerland.

12. Your hopes of connecting with your partners sibling.

13. Universal remotes.

14. Travel plans from the last 365 days.

15. Cash.

16. The password to your Bitcoin wallet

17. All the New Years resolutions you have abandoned.

18. A wallet size picture of Penelope Cruz.

19. Unread instruction manuals. 

20. Every time you have used the phrase ‘hope you are well’ in an email.

21. Fruit stickers.

22. Receipts from every coffee you have ever purchased.

23. VHS of Rocky

24. DVD of Rocky II

25. DVD of Rocky III

26. DVD of Rocky IV

27. Blu Ray of Rocky V

28. Blu Ray of Creed

29. Blu Ray of Creed II

30. Bootleg copy of Creed III

31. Every time you read the word ‘unprecedented’ in 2020.

32. Paper Straws.

33. Thoughts and prayers for those people who pretend to like dogs

34. A transcript of the time your 4th grade teacher told you were special.

35. The weekend newspaper you never finished reading. 

36. Your passport.

37. iTunes gift cards from your family.

38. Your surprise at how expensive Postage Stamps are. 

39. All the zeros in the price of the tag that says ‘price upon request’. 

40. Wedding music

41. The secret recipe for your Grandmother’s Chicken soup. 

42. The can of chicken stock with the same recipe on it.

43. Every time your phone has changed ‘fucking’ to ‘ducking’

44. Love letters to denHolm.

45. Popcorn.

46. Another movie you cannot believe Robert De Niro was in.

47. Flowers (dried). 

48. Internal camera footage from your iPhone of you laying down.

49. The phrase “it is what it is”. 

50. The regret you have for spending 2-3 minutes reading this list when you could have been paying for your Balboa.

Balboa will not go on sale again anytime soon. Purchase one and celebrate her curves.