denHOME by denHolm

Today we bring you home [holm] inspiration and styling tipsWe trust you will agree, scrolling brings so few homes or hacks. A greatly underserved dish on the internet. Let us serve you.

Yes denHolm can make and sell you pieces that leave you breathless [buy them]. Yet this is about the eco system [whole] of your personal spaces, places and homes — can we make them better?

Unprofessional and imperfect knowledge [wisdom] must be cultivated and spread. We've consulted some loosely accredited industry experts, they are also employees of denHolm Pty Ltd.




What makes you want to stay in space (e.g. light, couch, lack of clutter)


The best way to ensure efficiency / happiness in a work space?

Every home needs … ?

If in doubt do [your answer here] and it will be [your answer here].
Ask Morgan to answer stupid questions. 



What is essential to making a space feel good [to you]?
Music. Gotta have music. Also good lighting and natural light. As much lighting as possible in the daytime please. Let the music play and the sun come in. Not too much lighting at night. Lamps only plz.


A quick fix you feel is underused or used too much?
Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees are the worst. They are not making anything better and they will most likely die anyway so fuck them off. I think candles might be underused. Candles are pretty cool. Smell good.

Best advice you can give on a positive work space / environment?
Positive workspace mmm… needs natural light and a dog. Dogs in the workspace are essential.




The must haves for your place to feel like home?

A Kit Kat.

How do you improve your home space when it needs a change?
Throw everything out.

The ultimate no-no in a home / work space?
Water damage.


It’s home sweet home, because…

It has four walls, a roof and your co-workers are not there.

Your house needs less of?
One singular style. I don’t want to feel like I stepped into a catalogue. Do many styles simultaneously, season to taste. And less overhead lighting, kill all lighting that isn’t natural or accented.

3 full-proof enhancers to any room?
Comfortable seating for all, denHolm [ad] and the freedom to put a glass down without a coaster.