Welcome to denHolm: Annika Kafcaloudis


At a similar time, we contacted both Melbourne photographer Annika Kafcaloudis and famed clutter specialist Marie Kondo. 

Only one got back to us, and we are okay with this result. Happy even.

No Annika did not school us on how to clean up our shit, but she did express enthusiasm (joy?) over the chaos.

If colour had a public relations rep, they would undoubtedly be paying Annika large sums of money for her service. No PR company will represent us but it is all okay because we have these beautiful images.

It was a cloudy day— she took photos, we asked questions, she climbed ladders, we made coffee.

This is the life-changing magic of smoke, mirrors and limestone.



 Morgan: If Cloud 9 is Heaven, what is Cloud 6 (a mediocre Heaven, it's just average but it’s great to you)? 

Annika: An eternal cheap Monday at Cinema Nova

Morgan: Your younger self would be shocked to know that you now? 

Annika: Enjoy reading and eating greens.


Morgan: People say being a surgeon is ‘playing God’, being a photographer is playing what? 

Annika: Playing smoke n' mirrors, it's all an illusion.

Morgan: Take your favourite denHolm product to see your favourite movie, who is it and what are you seeing? 

Annika: Taking the Ellie to see its origins in Disney's Hercules





Morgan: Some of the best good or best bad advice you’ve received? 

Annika: Good advice: be kind and work hard, it'll all come together

Morgan: In the next life, you’re coming back as an inanimate object? What is it? 

Annika: An alarm clock; pretty annoying but serves some purpose

Morgan: Do you think of colour more as an expression or an evocation of emotion? 

Annika: I mean it could so easily be both! I feel I'm more drawn to whatever the light's hitting best and letting that do the work on the colour. Was that a professional answer?