Man vs. Time / Time vs. Internet


With over half the country at home, we decided to reach out to some of denHolm's trusted correspondents. People online. People locked down. They are telling us about their digital habits in the digital world. Let Jerome Williams, Sally Caroline and Peter Ryle assure you — escapism is good. A commonly misrepresented past time, and viable option for the right now. Just ask your parents, and your parent’s parents and their parent's parents. 

Q: A film / TV show you're telling your friends to watch?

JW: Sopranos.
SC: 'My Unorthodox Life' and 'The Parisian Agency'!! A MUST.


Q: The last thing you Google-d?

JW: 'Is it hooves or hoofs?'

‘Can dogs call 000?’ 
(FYI according to Google they can be trained to, but I was more wondering if dogs were actually passed humans and therefore somehow just knew to dial 000 if they needed to. Stage 5.0 lockdown may have got to me that day).

PR: '
What does it smell like in Space?'...'Astronauts describe the smell as a mix of gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries and rum' 

Q: A modern technology or convention you prefer not to partake in?

JW: Trackies. Fuck that.

SC:  Tik Tok 

Q: A film / TV show you're not telling your friends that you watch?

JW:  'Angry Beavers'.

Obviously they were so unmemorable, I have forgotten the names.

'Clarkson's Farm'. I'm not into Clarkson at all, but it's pretty funny in parts.

Q: Your [tried and tested] recommended way to kill time in a pandemic?

JW: Walking around with a beer in a keep cup.

Answering your emails about random questions 

Read, Retouch, Guitar, Sleep, Walk, Cook, Beer Repeat 

Q: When I want to feel circa 2019 fresh I…

JW: Go to the carwash. 

Drink more coffee.

Rub my face with mint

Q: ‘You know I get a lot of emails but I just wish I would get an email saying…?’

JW:  'Fuck you're good, have the year off.'

SC: Stumped on this one.

PR: '
You're the descendant of a Nigerian Prince and you're a millionaire.' Oh wait....

Q: If your phone was to come with a warning sign, regarding your use of it — what would it say?

JW:  What your mind wants isn't always what your mind needs.

Beware of late night shopping and the rabbit hole of random dog questions. Start with "does my dog...

PR: Beware the dopamine 

Q: I want the internet to know, I also read. Something good I've read recently was...

JW: Even Cowgirls Get The Blues by Tom Robbins.

SC:  Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss 

PR: Reading a Japanese children's book called How Do You Live, also some Max Porter, Martin Amis and I accidentally signed up to a years' subscription of The New Yorker, so that too.