Mitch Fong at denHolm

It takes a special person to photograph the XXL Flowers, a professional — someone okay sharing the limelight. Enter Mitch Fong, he stepped up, and stepped onto our precarious step ladder. Mitch took some glamour shots of these four big fucking flowers and then some. Of course, we could not let him get away without asking some hard hitting questions and ensuring he exited in a thin even coating of white dust.


You’re donating an XXL Flower to a place that you love dearly, where is it? 
MF: By the sea at Gordon’s Bay in Sydney. I loved swimming and chilling there when I was living in Sydney. I feel like an XXL Flower would sit nicely amongst the rocks next to the sea.

One thing that you would be happy to see die in your industry?
Instagram filters.

You and Ellie are stuck on a deserted island, you can take 5 things - what are they? 
I would have to make sure Ellie is living her best life whilst we are stuck, so when we get rescued she is in her prime and still looking as beautiful as she did in her last seen photo. I heard she would like her silk pillow case to rest on, a soccer ball (she’s a Tom Hanks fan apparently), a Moka pot with a bag of Coffee and a XXL flower for shade. 

To dine with one person dead or alive, who and what are you eating? 
Eating Vietnamese street food with Anthony Bourdain.

Tell us what denHolm could do better? [we can take it]  
Nothing. You just keep doing you denHolm.


Mitch, we’re putting a plaque on a limestone monument in your honour. What are you being commemorated for?
Being an all round good guy 🤷‍♂️

What is there too much of in this world?
Bunnings umbrellas. When you go to a shop and they have an umbrella bucket at the front door but it already has four Bunnings umbrellas in it and you don’t know which one is yours when you walk out. 

And there is not enough of?
A denHolm work shop playlist, The world needs to hear the music that inspires the denHolm studio.


To talk to Mitch about your missing Bunnings umbrella, his time with the XXL flowers or better still -- see more of his fine work -- his website is here or on Instagram here.