denHolm as seen by Liz Sunshine

 She came, she saw, she took photos. 

The wonderful Liz Sunshine came by, doing what she does best, and while we had her we asked her to ponder some of life's tougher questions for us.

You’re taking Bobster to the movies, it’s your favourite - what are you seeing?

LIZ: Honestly, Bobster, you can choose. I’ll watch anything and everything you want. 

If you suggested something super scary, you would probably need to hold my hand the entire time and I might end up with my eyes closed in the really intense bits.

If you were being really lazy and made me choose, I’d probably suggest a 90’s classic, like The Talented Mr Ripely. Or a rom-com like Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona. Anything that has a bit of understated 90’s/2000’s fashion and an Italian countryside is my go to. 



What is your greatest imperfection?

LIZ: There are a few, but you choose which is worse.
My brain works in overdrive, and I’m often 15 steps ahead. Which is good and bad, because I’ve already thought of every dream scenario and every terrible thing possible in all areas of my life, but it means I’m not always present. However, I'm an optimist and pessimist all rolled into one. 

Option 2 are the wrinkles in front of my ears. I actually really like wrinkles on other people and am coming to terms with them on my own face - they are the lines of life and all that. But the ones in front of my ears are just not my friends.
Also I can’t spell… maybe that’s worse… 

Choose one denHolm product to spend the rest of your life with. Who is it? What kind of cake is at your wedding?

LIZ: Obviously it’s Ellie. Named after my first housemate and early 20’s BFF - not really, but it reminds me of her.  She’s bold, feminine, classic and cool all at once. We probably can’t redo the Keith Haring cake from my actual wedding, so I’d say a scalloped homage to her sculptural brilliance. 





Name a topic you know a lot about that is largely irrelevant or useless?

LIZ: I grew up on a farm, but am now a city slicker. So knowing how to rotationally graze cattle, saddle and ride a horse, or strain a fence are probably irrelevant or useless to my life now.



denHolm is dead. You’re asked to comment for the obituary. What are your farewell words / final quote on denHolm.

 LIZ: "May the dust settle lightly on your grave" 

Find Liz Sunshine here, where you may ask her for more information about her Keith Haring wedding cake or the phone number of her friend Ellie, she sounds like a catch.