Home Visit: Matt & Nicky

The denHolm adoption process bridges the gap between the workshop and a land of opportunity, a chance to live a better life. In the denHolm village we birth them, shape them, sometimes damage them - but we know this house is no home.

That said, denHolm performs Home Visits to ensure the transition - from dust to sheen is successful, and all parties are happy and thriving. This time we brought Peter Ryle along to document the visit, we made him an offer he couldn't refuse.



Nicky and Matt welcomed us into their home with open arms, well, Nicky welcomed us but her arms were full - two children in tow and several tradesman on site. Some were more excited to see us than others.

Exhibit A - Nicky Hands Full. Exhibit B - We brought FLOWERs.

Studies show that housing multiple denHolm pieces together significantly improves both the owner and pieces happiness and well being.

In this case - Kit Kat, Ellie, Hendo and Dot all housed under one roof, well this is enough to make a stone man cry.

Ellie appears happy, though she questioned whether she was receiving adequate attention, given her “hand carved physique” and potentially inflated self confidence.

She asked us to light her a match muttering “I’m in a corner pal, I don’t need to be quoting Dirty Dancing here but nobody puts you know who in a corner”.

We promptly surveyed the situation and discovered Ellie has what can only be described as, a personal spotlight.

later admitted the accented lighting has softened the blow of her corner real estate. In an effort to soothe her, we hummed the Scottish national anthem softly and placed a golden tea cup upon her. A method that has stood the test of time.

The stone island in a sea of family activity, KIT KAT feels built for this. Despite an influx of foreign objects being placed in and around her, she seems to be adjusting very well. Observers would go as far as to say enjoying herself.




In a remote location, a child free zone - Hendo and Dot M reside together. Sometimes described in early denHolm childhood as ‘clingy’ Hendo seems to be at ease in her new home. "The windows and light reminds me of the workshop, minus the loud music and dust."

As a test, we showed Hendo an image of Steven and not even a flicker behind the eyes. It seems this one is a real win for the system, a smooth transition and a job well done to all involved.

Dot M asked not to be pictured, expressing a new found appreciation for her simple life. Without cameras or studio chaos.

We must respect her wishes and newfound identity as a member of this family.

If you have visited before, you will know that Peter Ryle prefers to remain anonymous. With respect and some regret, we have blurred his identity.