Home Visit II: Philippa

This is the second Home Visit by denHolm.  As always we enter with the utmost professionalism and objectivity. Doing the work to ensure our pieces of the past and newly adopted families are coexisting happily. No family is perfect but we will accept a damn fine impersonation.

PHILIPPA is a one of one commission, her name is of Greek origin meaning “lover of horses”. This is a nod to her calf like legs, not a gambling problem. Georgina Jeffries played a pivotal role in the birth and adoption process.

At the risk of being sentimental, and unapologetically nostalgic - we will touch briefly on the birth of Philippa. 

Currently living in a home in Melbourne’s Southside, we assembled the A team to conduct this Home Visit.

Our Senior Constable of Digital Documentation, Bobby Clark and Junior Investigator of Shit-on-the-Ground, James Clark.

It doesn't take a detective to know that smell - sweet oven baked carbohydrates.

Upon arrival we are bribed [generously greeted] with banana bread, warm like a hug, fresh as a daisy. It can only mean one thing - something sinister is happening in this home.

We’ll get old legs talking, as the truth seekers we are. Right after we eat these banana muffins. “Any butter?” Bobby thinks out loud proving herself as an ally in more ways than one this home visit.

denHolm: stealing candy from babies since 2018 

Quickly the room turns to laughter, as if no time has past - we're comparing legs like the good old days and exchanging gifts. Flowers of course.



Now make no mistake, denHolm field work is no cake walk - well, banana muffins but I digress. It is safe to conclude after this rigorous review - Philippa and her family will live

the end.