If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had to tell George Greathead to be quiet, I would have zero dollars. George doesn’t say much, denHolm's first employee, Instagram's most loved and arguably Steven's favourite - twisted as that love may be...

And like all good pure loves, it was born out of an unsolicited DM on Instagram, or an email - the details are dusty.

What was going to be 'An Interview With' denHolm’s most elusive Head Sculptor, (thank me later George). Has evolved into 'A Conversation With' because George does a lot of thinking between words and Morgan does not.



m  Of course I'm recording, how am I going to remember all this!?

g — (laughing nervously)

m George, this is an interview and it is to be taken seriously.

g — (laughing nervously continues) You’ve already lied to me.

m — I’ve lost your trust. It’s an interview but it will be written word.


Tell me the story of how you started working with Steve?

g — I just found Steve on instagram and sent him a message.

m — You sent him DM or an email?

g —  Uhhh I think I sent him an email. Would it be better on record if I said it was a DM?

m — I’d like if it was a DM. I’d like to know who else your DM-ing just out of the blue. What did the email say?

g — Is there cameras set up in here?

[In this exact moment Steve is scaling the window behind George, holding his iPhone like some sort of perverted Spiderman]

m — I have no cameras in here. That I know of.


g —  The email took me quite a while and I think Steve actually replied, “are you strong?” with an emoji. (💪)

g —  Yeah I didn’t know what to say back to it cause he sent an emoji (💪) and I was like fuck… Oh actually, he called me up…to chat about it. I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

m-  Because of his accent or?

g — Yes and I was actually in a very like, a parking lot next to a main road. So it wasn’t the best place to take a call. There was a lot of awkward silences, he’d ask a question and then I’d laugh or like he’d laugh and I would ask oneAnd I was like “oh I’ll have to book my flights then” and he was like “oh what, what do you mean?” 

m — How soon after this conversation did you come and work?

g — I probably came like the week after.

m — Good god.

g — Yeah I remember leaving and Mum was like ‘alright…’. I think she fully expected me to be back very soon. I was coming down for 2 weeks, just for a trial.

What the fuck was your first impression when you first started working with Steve - off the record? [not off the record]

g — Well I remember I was meant to be working that day,  on Monday or whatever and he was like “oh sorry I’ve got like a big meeting in Sydney” or some load of shit.

m — He was probably hungover or something.

g — I actually thought he would be a lot shorter and fatter.

m — Really? Was he not getting very flattering photos or what?

g — I thought he was a short fat man.

m — What were you doing in Brisbane prior to moving here?

g — (laughing) Hmmm, not much.

m — How old were you when you moved?

g — (silence) [does math both mentally and out loud].
Must of been just after my 20th birthday. I think it was November.

m — Wow, three years is a long time. So you wanna stay or?

g — Is this an interview or an evaluation?

m — I think we’re actually going to let you go...(laughs) It sort of depends on how the interview goes.

What made you want to work at denHolm?

g — I liked what he [Steve] was making.

What has been your favourite piece?

g — Probably Melissa Marshall’s table.

g - This is very uhhhhhhhh — [George is looking at Morgan uncertainly].

m — I know.

Can you read the last text message you sent to Steve?

g ‘Theres heaps of those black spots everywhere.'

What did you have for lunch today George?

g — Um, I had a steak sandwich.

m — With fries?

g — Yes, with fries.

(steak sandwich) 

How would you describe your relationship with Steve? To a friend or maybe a psychologist.

g — Oh I don’t know. How would you describe it?

[thinking] [continues thinking]

m — I feel like you’re holding back right now George.

g — (laughs) Um wholesome?

m — What wholesome no way? Oh actually.

g My relationship with Steve... Invasive.

photo: @mqrgs

Name two other things you would rather be doing right now than this interview?

g — (laughing) (thinking) I wouldn’t mind playing pool… and…(extended pause)…dancing.

Drew just started working with you, did you have any wisdom to pass on or any advice?

g — Get out. (pause)

God I’m not really giving you much am I.

— It's OK, you're giving me about what I expected.

What was your first job ever?

g — I’ve only ever had two jobs. I was just helping out my cousin before really. He was building a deck. It wasn’t even for very long, and I remember he didn’t pay me as well. 

One designer you like right now?

g — Delphi? Is that it? - [George means]

If there is a God and you can ask him one question what is it?

g —  Who ate my Caramel Slice last week?

Its your perfect weather day, what is it?

g — Oh wow, oh.

m — Oh for fucks sake George, this is easy.

g — What is the weather…? Sun has got to be shining I guess. Temperature is about 30, (long pause) maybe even 32.

m — Low humidity though?

g — Very low humidity. Bit of a storm in the afternoon though briefly, and then it goes back to nice.

If you were going to think about making one thing, your future self, anything you're thinking about?

g — maybe a coat hanger.

m — made of stone?

g — maybe, or maybe out of glass.

m — Ok thanks for entertaining me.

Is there anything else you wanna get the word out on? Any misconceptions you want to clear up?

g — Uhhhh no, I’ve stopped looking at the stories from denHolm.

m — That’s great I’ll make sure to make a note of that in the interview.

g — what was the question again?

Oh yes I almost forgot —
Fuck, Marry, Kill? Drew, John, Steven?

g — FuckSteven, not many people get to say they’ve fucked their boss. 
Marry - Drew, I think he would treat me right. 
Kill - John, I think we would both enjoy it.

Editors note: George later admitted it was not true he no longer watches the denHolm instagram stories. He watches and enjoys them thoroughly.


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